ABQIX enforces the following rules:

  • single device only -- you may only connect a single MAC address to the IX fabric, and a single layer 3 device
  • ether types -- only the following ethertypes are allowed on the IX fabric:
    • 0x0800 IPv4
    • 0x0806 ARP
    • 0x86dd IPv6
  • generation -- your reverse DNS record will reflect your ASN
  • route server -- ABQIX runs two route servers for participants.  Peering with the route servers is not required, but helpful for the spirit of a non-profit IX that is here to benefit the community.  Route servers will filter advertisements based on IRRdb data.
  • participants may not point default
  • participants must not allow ABQIX subnets to propagate beyond their network
  • particpants agree that ABQIX is allowed to shutdown participant ports if the exchange fabric is being adversely effected by participant traffic.  If this occurs, ABQIX will work with participant to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
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